Welcome to SMCC

Assalam o Alaikum (May peace be upon you), Welcome to Stevenage Muslim Community Centre’s website. We are a registered charity and look after the needs of the Muslim Community in Stevenage and surrounding areas.
pile of clothes

**Unwanted clothes needed**

If you have any clothes to give to charity please donate to us to raise funds for the masjid. Cloth bank available. جزاك اللهُ خيرًا

Important Announcement

Masjid is open and Jamat is being held – Please avoid Handshake.

Jummah prayer 1:30 PM. Limited space due to our Risk Assessments. 

Follow the steps: Face Mask, Your prayer Mat, 2 meter SD

Please follow the government guidance.

We hope that you are all well and safe. 

SMCC Masjid is reopening its door once again after a few months of lockdown but we need to ensure that all visitors are safe.

In Sha Allah Masjid will be open for prayers and congregational Friday prayer. However in accordance to Govt guidelines to ensure safety of our visitors, we have taken some important steps and we hope that you will all cooperate to keep Masjid a safe place.

1. We have introduced one way system into and out of Masjid.

2. Please be advised that there will be no ablution facilities open so come with Wadu from home

3. Kindly bring your own prayer mat and pray in the areas clearly marked and maintain 2 meter distance between each other 

4. On arrival into the Masjid your temperature will be checked and if you have temperature then you will not be allowed into the Masjid

5. There are hand sanitizer installed and kindly sanitise your hands on entering into the Masjid

6. Face masks are mandatory and you will be provided with a face mask on entrance into the Masjid that you should keep at all times

7. We will provide plastic bags for your shoes, so you can take shoes inside the bag with you and keep aside whilst you offer your prayers and leave from the back doors with your shoes 

8. Please note that for Friday congratulations prayers there will be two Jamats to accommodate and facilitate visitors due to limited spaces due to govt social distancing advice.

 Jamaat at 1:30 pm

You will attend the khutaba and offer Fard prayers and we advise to say Sunnah and Nowafel at home. On completion of Namaz leave swiftly via doors at the back of the masjid.

9. We advise that please do not come to Masjid if you are unwell or have cough/cold/flu like symptoms.

10. Please note that children under 10 years are not allowed for Friday prayers due to health and safety reasons and limited places and social distancing 

11. At present we request our sisters not to come for Friday prayers and we will reassess the situation and make further announcements in first week in September In Sha Allah