Donating to SMCC

Stevenage Mosque & Community Centre relies on the generosity of Muslims in giving Sadaqah and donations to enable it to continue Da’wah activities and the running of the Masjid. We are currently carrying out a large extension to the current facilities. This will include, among other services, increasing prayer capacity from current 150 to 500, dedicated class rooms for children’s religious education, community gatherings, an Islamic library and various other services and facilities aimed at women and children of the community in Stevenage. 

We encourage all to support us, especially with regular donations by standing orders, so that we can further the cause of Islam. We ask Allah to give us success in this life and the hereafter and enable us to continue doing good, and reward those who support His noble religion.

Those who spend their wealth (in Allah’s Cause) by night and day, in secret and in public, they shall have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve (2:274)

Allah says in the Qur’an: ‘O you who believe! Spend from the good things which you have (legally) earned, and of that which We have produced from the earth for you’ (2:267)

The Prophet (SAW) said that the believers shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his sadaqah (Ahmed) and he (saw) also stated that sadaqah extinguishes sins as water extinguishes fire (Ahmed, Tirmidhi, ibn Majah)

The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the Way of Allah, is as the likeness of a grain (of corn); it grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah gives manifold increase to which He wills. And Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures’ needs, All-Knower (2:261).

Methods of Making Donation:

Don’t forget to declare GIFT AID! If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of your donation can be increased by 28% under the Gift Aid scheme. On your behalf, we simply claim back the tax from the Inland Revenue. Please note, we do not store credit card details nor do we share donors’ details with any 3rd parties.

May your charitable deeds count towards sadaqa e jariah.

By Post/Cheque:

Made payable to Stevenage Muslim Community Centre or SMCC

By Phone:

Call 01438 350865

Donate via Online Banking:

Account Name: Stevenage Muslim Community Centre or SMCC
Sort Code: 20-41-12
Account Number: 80204889


By IBAN: GB62 BARC 204112 80204889


SMCC (Stevenage Mosque) is entirely funded by your kind donations. 

Please continue to support the monthly running costs and fund the ongoing construction to expand and build important facilities.