SMCC Elections 2017

The Executive Management Committee has determined in accordance with the Constitution of SMCC that:

  1. The current Management Committee elected on 5th December 2015 will finish its term on the 2nd of December 2017.
  2. The elections for the Managing Committee (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and no more than five other Committee Members) will be held on Saturday 2nd December 2017 between the hours of 4 and 6 PM at Stevenage Muslim Community Centre.
  3. A returning Officer will be appointed by the current Managing Committee.

A copy of this notice will be displayed on the Notice Board at the Community Centre until the conclusion of the elections on Saturday 2nd of December 2017.

Please click on the links below to download PDF forms:

  1. Notice for 2017 AGM & Election
  2. Membership Application Form
  3. Nomination Form
  4. Election Procedures

Agenda for AGM will be as follows:

  1. Welcome by the Chairman
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of the last AGM
  4. Approval of last annual reports
  5. Approval of annual accounts
  6. Election of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 Executive Committee Members
  7. Vote of thanks
Important Dates
1. Event Date Time
2. New Members Registration 16/11/17 by 11pm
3. Nomination Forms 18/11/17 by 11pm
4. Withdrawal of Nomination 25/11/17 by 11pm
5. List of All Nominations 26/11/17 by 11pm
6. SMCC Elections 2017 02/12/17 4-6 pm



  1. Anyone wishing to vote and/or contest for any position is required to be an SMCC member.
  2. All those who wish to be SMCC members will have to register by filling in the SMCC Membership Form, paying £20 membership fee and approved by the Executive Committee by 16th of November 2017. Any person who does not meet the membership criteria, as defined by the constitution of SMCC, will not be entitled to participate in the elections.
  3. All application forms will be retained by SMCC until the conclusion of the elections and announcement of the result of the elections.
  4. All candidates will be provided access to the Register of SMCC Members from 1st of November 2017.
  5. The elections will take place at the AGM to be held on Saturday 2nd December 2017. The written notification sent to members will inform members that they must produce their Notice of the AGM together with photo identification to the Returning Officer on the day of the elections in order to vote. In this respect the decision of the Returning Officer will be final.
  6. All members must produce a proof of address together with a valid photo identification to enable them to vote. In this respect the decision of the Returning Officer will be final.
  7. For the purposes of the elections to be held on Saturday 2nd December 2017, members wishing to be nominated for positions on the Managing Committee must return their completed nomination form to SMCC by 5 pm on 18th November 2017. Each member nominated must be proposed and seconded by at least one member each and give a signed declaration of acceptance of the nomination.
  8. A list of those members standing for election for the Managing Committee will be displayed on Sunday 26th November 2017 by 11PM at SMCC notice board.
  9. Members wishing to be nominated must also submit their written biographical details to SMCC if they want it to be displayed in the Community Centre. The biographical details will be displayed by SMCC on the Notice Board in the Community Centre from 26th November 2017. Written biographical details must not exceed one side of A4 and may include a passport size photograph of the candidate.
  10. Returning Officer shall be responsible for designing the ballot paper, the safekeeping of the ballot boxes and other equipment to ensure a fair election. Returning Officer will count the casted votes and announce the results of the elections 2017.


Authorized by SMCC Management Committee